Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exploring "Found" Objects

So, what are "found" objects? Straight and simple. Anything that i have found. It could be an old pendant, an earring, or perhaps a gasket or a thing-a-majig out of a whatsit. They are so impossibly fun!! And as long as they don't melt in the oven, produce toxic fumes, or are radio active, they can be incorporated into clay!!! Woohoo!!! Flood gates of possibilities open before me. Where do I source such untold treasures? Garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, friends jewelry boxes.... Which makes each one special and unique. That being said, if I can possibly bear to part any of these lovelies, and perchance put them in my online store, and then you see one that you want...I wouldn't wait to get it. Since these pieces come from such random origins the chance of me finding one again are slim. Pictures of my new creations will be posted to my Facebook fan page, and ones currently for sale will be conveinently in my online store to the left of your computer screen. See how handy that is? You're welcome. :)