Saturday, May 28, 2011


Zootaloo!!!! The much awaited and highly anticipated store is open!! Woot woot!! Now, I'm still figuring out all this high tech stuff. I prefer clay, less buttons. So the first few items I am offering are HALF PRICE!! Simply because I need the practice to work out all the in and outs of invoicing, paypaling, and shipping. So snatch you up a fabulous deal!! Hugs a bunches!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming Soon.....a store!!!!

First of all, a big THANKYOU to all the wonderful folks who came and supported me for my very first craft fair! It was a wonderful learning experience in a beautiful setting. Just the boost my studio needed to go to the next step. If you look to the right (on your screen) you will see that there is a cute little sign that says "Shop closed for maintenance". That's right, a shop!! Very soon you will be able to add to your own collection of lovelies right from the comfort of your own home!! Woohoo!!!! And the first few things I list will be at amazing prices because you will be volunteering to be my test subjects so I can work out all the bugs. :)