Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To be honest all artist tanks occasionally run dry. Not that we are done creating by any means, no. It's just from time to time we find ourselves overwhelmed by the daily have-tos that we push our art to the back burner. At times like these it's good to go on a good old fashioned field trip and find some inpiration. Some sweet too cute to be true little goobers that just bring a smile to your face and the desire to recreate their likenesses. These just happen to be some such little fellows that I had the priviledge of making their acquaintences on one such recent pilgrimage.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Procurement of Wares

Where might one be able to purchase all the fine neckwares, headwares, shelfsitters, and whatever other brilliant whatnots come my way? Quite simple, actually. Feel free to drop me an email at anytime(not while your driving, safety first!) about any piece that you see. I can happily set up an invoice for you to pay through Paypal and can ship anywheres in the conjoined United States. Poor Hawaiia and Alaska. Is that how you spell Hawaiia? It looks weird. Blasted spell check! Back to the subject at hand, you may also set up to perouse the lovelies at the Bella Vista Flea Market, or arrange to pick up and pay your afforementioned and requested item off my FaceBook page there. Bella Vista Flea Market accepts cash, checks, and most credit cards. They stopped accepting chickens and firstborns as of 8/1/2010(sorry) Bella Vista Flea Market is located at 2878 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista AR, just across highway 71 from the movie theater.
Perhaps the most fun and entertaining way to obtain said lovelies is to attend one of our semi-annual gallery shows!! Invitations and announcements will be made as to the location and time as I figure them out.